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Mountain biking

Blomberg tour and circuit

The bike tours situated near Bad Tölz will provide the perfect fit for all varying fitness levels and cycling enthusiasts, with the classic tour incorporating the landscape of the Blomberg.

Blomberg tour:

The tour begins at the foot of the mountain in the carpark, and travels up the right hand side of the hardened forest road up the Blomberg. The route incorporates the Blomberghause and mountain station before the trail visits the Walderralm and Wackersberg on the descent back to the base station. The route is approximately 10 km (6 miles) in distance.


The circuit – a slightly steeper route than the Blomberg tour – takes the track up to the Blomberghaus, up and over the Heigelkopf and Wackerberg Alm before heading back down to the route’s starting point.

Always remember to be respectful to walkers and nature!

Detailed hiking maps are available at the base station, the Blomberghaus or in the tourist information office.


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