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Hiking area

Excursions, walks, high-altitude hiking

Around 25km (15.5 miles) of winter hiking trails are available to be explored by a wide ranging level of walkers and hiking enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to ascent to the summit of the Blomberg, a trip to Zwiesel, the Blomberghaus or the Heigkopf, the hiking trails provide breath-taking panoramic of the natural landscape.

Some of the most beautiful hiking trails are situated at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, with the Blomberg long being one of the most popular recreational destinations for visitors from around the globe.

The Bavarian Oberland is painted with luscious green forests and meadows intertwined with beautiful views of Lake Starnberg, Lake Ammer and the Isar Valley. Panoramic views also stretch as far as Munich, the Alps, Kerwandel and the Wetterstein mountain ranges.

The Blomberg is home to over 20 km (13 miles) of well signposted hiking trails that include a range of uphill, downhill and high circular track routes to explore. With each individual trail offering its own first-hand view of the outstanding natural beauty in the area, all levels of hiking enthusiasts and families can find the trail that suits them.

Detailed maps highlighting the hiking routes across the Blomberg are available at the base station, Blomberghaus and tourist information office.

Here you can join a 360° Tour on Blomberg: 360 ° Blomberg Tour

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3 summit hiking paradise for the whole family

  • 25 km (15.5 miles) of winter hiking trails

  • High-altitude hiking with panoramic alpine views

  • Family-friendly trail from the mountain station

  • Idyllic winter scenery and views of the Bavarian Oberland

  • Art walk "Sinneswandel" with 17 land-art objects and sculptures

  • Sign-posted trails with routes to Bad Heilbrunn, Wackersberg and Bad Tölz

Ticketing information

Cable railway Adults Children 3-13 years Adults Discount
Ascent and descent 13,00€ 8,00€ *12,00€
Ascent or descent 7,50€ 4,50€ **6,00€
10 card 60,00€ 35,00€ -
Groups from 12 persons: ascent and descent/price per person - - *12,00€
Groups from 12 persons: ascent or descent/price per person - - **6,00€
Groups from 20 persons 1 person rides free. Advance booking is requested.
Children under 3 years ride free.
* Spa Guests, Injured.
** Local people.
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