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Double Chairlift - Blomberg done comfortably

Through the summer months, the alpine mountain region of the Blomberg is the perfect place for action-filled day trips. The mountain adventure park near Bad Tölz offers plenty of recreational fun from within a tranquil setting ideal for well earned rest and relaxation.

Up on the plateau of the Blomberg, you’ll find peace, nature and an extensive hiking area which provides beautiful panoramic views of the Bavarian Oberland stretching well into the Alps.

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Here you can join a 360° Tour on Blomberg: 360 ° Blomberg Tour


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Assent in style and comfort

The Blomberg is home to 25 km (15.5 miles) of winter hiking trails, all of which are suitable for a wide ranging level of walkers, hikers and snowshoe enthusiasts. Whether you are assenting to the summit of the Blomberg, planning a trip to Zwiesel, the Heigkopf or a walk to the Blomberghaus, you’ll be accompanied by the breath-taking panoramic views of one of Germany’s most beautiful natural landscapes. 

This is also the case for the many winter activities offered for children and families at the Blomberg near Bad Tölz. While Munich’s local mountain is famous for its summer toboggan runs, it also caters for a variety of recreational activities for both young and old – snow or no snow.

Ticketing information

Double chairlift Adults Children 3-13 years Adults Discount
Ascent and descent 13,00€ 8,00€ *12,00€
Ascent or descent 7,50€ 4,50€ **6,00€
12 card 72,00€ 42,00€ -
Groups from 12 persons: ascent and descent/price per person - - 12,00€
Groups from 12 persons: ascent or descent/price per person - - 6,00€
Groups from 20 persons 1 person rides free. Advance booking is requested.
Children under 3 years ride free.
* Spa Guests, Injured.
** Local people.
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