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Blomberg Blitz

Tobagging fun all year around

Situated at the foot of the Blomberg, the alpine coaster winds over the terrain next to the ski slope and operates all year round. Covering a distance of 1305m, the rail-guided sleds navigate a course consisting of steep turns, waves, double waves, a twister, roundabout and jumps. Each sled is equipped with a brake lever enabling passengers to control their speed which can reach up to 40km/h on certain parts of the ride. In addition, sleds also feature an acrylic glass hood to protect the passenger from wind and rain, in turn allowing the “Blomberg Blitz” to operate through all four seasons in the year – rain or shine.

Unlike the classic summer toboggan run at the Blomberg, the “Blomberg Blitz” offers the chance to experience pulse raising speeds, turns and dips in wet weather thanks to a sled capable of taking on the elements as well as the alpine course. The sled’s acrylic hood will protect from head winds and rain drops over the course of the run.

Children ages 8 and above can ride alone while any passengers under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Children up to the age of 7 are eligible to ride for free.

Note:  Toboggan runs are sports facilities and require active braking and acceleration. The terms and conditions of use must be observed at all times!

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and these are the most important highlights

  • 1.305 Meter course distance
  • up to 24% slope gradient
  • 100 Meter vertical descent
  • 1 roundabout
  • 6 steep turns
  • 1 camelback
  • 2 jumps
  • 1 twister
  • 4 waves

Ticketing information

Blomberg Blitz Adults Children 8-13 Years Adults Discount Children Discount
Single ride 7,50€ 5,00€ - -
3 card 18,00€ 13,00€ - -
6 card 32,00€ 23,00€ - -
Groups from 12 persons/price per person - - 5,00€ 4,00€
Only saturday flatrate 7 pm-10 pm - - 21,00€ 21,00€
Groups from 20 persons 1 person rides free. Advance booking is requested.
Allowed for children from 3 years.
Children from 8 years are allowed to ride allone.
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